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My younger daughter volunteers as a foster parent for the Dog Guide program and her latest baby is Vero who is just about one year old. He’s been assessed and will begin training in the Canine Vision program next month, but for the time being he needs a place to call home so he’s staying with us. This little guy is full of beans! He loves to play and does lots of leaping about in the process. He also gives great hugs and loves, loves, loves our windows so he spends tons of time following people up and down the street by dashing from one window to another. Jody has been working with him on his flat leash walking skills and has taken him for a couple of spins in the grocery store. Our family dog, Mallory, wishes Vero would stop grabbing her tail and hauling her backward so we’re working on proper play manners, too. He’s a sweet boy and we’re happy to have him with us. Here’s a picture of him and there are a couple of others at this link.

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