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Two For One

I love when our regular readers submit their Crazy Parker photos and this one is pretty good! Anyone know a Crazy Parker with the plate #ANJW 704? It would appear that this individual has a pretty good view of things, what with having no roof and all, but still can’t see exactly where the lines are in either of the two spaces it occupies.

The truck parked next door does marginally better – at least it’s between the lines. Of two separate spaces. Maybe the driver figures that between any two lines is good enough when you don’t know how long your box is.

There’s a whole new revenue stream that grocery stores haven’t even thought of: First parking spot is free, additional ones cost extra. While we’re at it, how ’bout this: In the express lanes anything more that eight items costs 25¢ extra per item. It would be a great ongoing fundraiser for charity!


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