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Tall Ships and Dog Guides

The Tall Ships visited Bayfield over the weekend and some good friends invited us to join them for a tour. Members of the Bayfield Photography Club have posted some wonderful shots of the ships as they sailed into the harbour – follow the link and take a look. While we were there the ships were docked and available for tours. We had Lion’s Foundation Dog Guide puppies Acorn (HED graduate) and Zona (in training) with us and, while they weren’t allowed on the cramped quarters of the ship deck, they stood with Michael on the dock and watched us take the brief tour. The ships are amazingly small – hard to imagine the nerve that it would have taken to sail those out on the oceans. A crew member told us that while one person could sail the ship if necessary, typically the crew is six to eight.

Tall Ships 07122014-005

The two dogs attracted a lot of attention, as always happens when they’re out in their jackets, and had their pictures taken numerous times. Dog Guides aren’t often seen in this area but there are many Purina Walk for Dog Guides events in the region. One gentleman stopped Jody and invited her to next year’s Bayfield walk with whatever dog she has at that time, expressing how wonderful it would be to have a real Dog Guide participate with them. Here we had them all pose in front of the Tall Ships information. From left: Jody, Acorn, Zona and Michael

Tall Ships 07122014-007

Zona did a lot of walking and hitched rides with Michael whenever she could toward the end of our tour. At 10 weeks of age, she can be forgiven!

Tall Ships 07122014-010

Both Acorn and Zona perked up when they had the chance to meet real sailors! What girl doesn’t love a man in uniform?

Tall Ships 07122014-012

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