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Swans and Horses

Brenda Parsons and I stole a morning to track down the tundra swans during their short visit to this area. We found them … and a lot more along the way.

These guys didn’t stay around too long – I hear they were gone four days later, although a few people here and there have found visitors in their backyard this past week. The whole gallery can be found by following this link.

Driving around a while longer led us to these lovely fellows who are social butterflies judging from how friendly they were! They have an interesting look – a bit like a zebra with their black and white manes and striping on their legs. They are Norwegian Fjord Horses and while they are working horses back in their native land, we found them to be big flirts!  This link will take you to the gallery and you can see that one of them put on a big show for us rolling around in the dirt!

I had driven by Ipperwash Beach many times on my way here and there but never taken the time to drive in and look around. Brenda thought it was high time! Here’s my favourite shot of that area and you can see the rest by clicking on this link.

Many thanks to my photographer friend Brenda Parsons for a great morning!

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