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Stegall Music

Independent. New. Artistic. Musical. Talented. Just a few of the words that could be used to describe the new band Stegall. Oh, and fun! I had so much fun collaborating with them on creating the photographs and images they are using to show you visually who they are. Comprised of sisters Clara, Sydney and Liza, individually and collectively they’ve been making music for many years. I’ve shot Clara many times over the years so I was delighted when they asked me to do their PR shots for the new band. They write and compose, draw and paint, sing and play in some great expressive music and performance that you really should check out. Below are some of the finished shots from our photo shoot. The first one makes use of some of Sydney’s colourful, expressive paintings while the second is one of my favourite full body shots. The third image is one that I particularly like and, while Stegall also likes it, it wasn’t the most comfortable position I put them in for any of the shots!

“Like” the band Stegall over on their Facebook page and be sure to visit them on their website where you can follow them and download their new four song EP recorded at Swamp Songs Studio in Lucan.

Black Art Blend2

White Full BodyGold


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