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Karen Brown's Photo Blog

My main photographic interests are headshots, dogs and music. Totally opposite disciplines, right? Headshots are very precise while dogs and music happen as they happen. Click on the Portfolio link above to go have a look at those albums.

This blog? Well, it's a place to put things that catch my eye and highlight some work that warms my heart. Here and there you'll also see the odd picture of people who can't seem to park ... they make me giggle.

Crazy Parker Catchup Continues

Here you go, kiddies, part 2!

Crazy Parker Update

Well it has just been way too long but hey, you Crazy Parker kids, don’t think you’ve been let off the hook! Heck no, we’ve been taking and saving pictures of your antics all year. Many thanks to those who shall remain nameless who have giggled and snapped pictures on their travels and sent them…


My favourite subjects, hands down, are dogs. Having recently relocated my studio, I needed a willing subject to help me test out lights so Yakira volunteered. Ok, maybe more like voluntold. At nearly five months of age, she knows enough to keep an eye on me and is content to sit still for longer periods…

Zona Returns to Doggy U

We’ve had a great Christmas vacation with Zona who is in training to be a Canine Vision Dog Guide with the Lions Foundation Dog Guides but the time has come for class to resume. Little Yakira, who is still in Doggy Elementary, will grow up and go to Doggy U but not for several months….

Happy New Year, Crazy Parkers!

Thanks to all of our Crazy Parker picture submitters – you know who you are! Keep it up and send in all of your caught-in-the-act Crazy Parker pictures. You know the rules … we have to be able to read the license plate so that credit goes where credit is due –  to those who…