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Oreo’s Journey

One Last Snuggle

For those who have been following Oreo’s journey with us, you will know that she is now with her forever dad but we were lucky enough to be able to attend her graduation. It was a very emotional evening on so many fronts. Jody and Oreo hadn’t seen each other since February so the reunion was a happy, teary one that produced lots of leaping about as Oreo did her dog version of a happy dance. We were blessed to meet Oreo’s new dad, Tim, who had waited a very long time for a dog guide. It hasn’t taken him long to fall in love with Oreo and he and Jody spent quite a bit of time sharing Oreo stories. He promised to keep in touch so although it didn’t ultimately seem like a final goodbye, it felt like one to Jody and Oreo when the time came to end the evening. Here’s the picture that seems to grab everyone’s heart.

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