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Happy 13th Birthday, Mallory!

Today is as close as we know how to get to Mallory’s 13th birthday. As a rescue who came to live with us at roughly 8 years old, we don’t really know when her birthday is, however today is the celebration of the day she became part of our family so in a sense, it’s her birthday. Although her chocolate is giving way to grey and she is more content to relax, she is still game for short bursts of play with any dog that crosses her path. Mallory is our sweet old lady and does her best to keep an eye on us despite her diminishing eyesight and hearing. Loving, gentle and always ready with a smile for a familiar face, Mallory has been a terrific and much loved family member. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Mallory 12202014-010

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December 20, 2014 - 6:20 pm
Happy birthday Mally!

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