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Crazy Parker Update

Well it has just been way too long but hey, you Crazy Parker kids, don’t think you’ve been let off the hook! Heck no, we’ve been taking and saving pictures of your antics all year.

Many thanks to those who shall remain nameless who have giggled and snapped pictures on their travels and sent them in for inclusion on this post. Your privacy is important to us so that you keep sending those Crazy Parker pics in. Just remember that we need to see the licence plate of any Crazy Parker you see so that credit is properly given to the people who can’t quite seem to park between the lines.

Crazy Parker 01132016

The snow doesn’t hide the lines, buddy. Caught you!

Crazy Parker 01252016

This parker was trying to figure out how to pass through the centre of the lines and make an equinox park on an equinox. Fail.

Crazy Parker 02052016-2

If you need that much room on the driver’s side to get out I suggest you make friends with that track behind you

Crazy Parker 02052016-3

Do three wrongs make a right?

Crazy Parker 02052016

Gotta keep that good dirt intact so must prevent people from parking on either side

Crazy Parker 02062016

When you don’t do-si your do far enough to the right

Crazy Parker 03042016-2

This scared little bunny was too afraid to come forward … or back up to park straight

Crazy Parker 03042016

You think that big black ass covered up the line so we wouldn’t catch you? Hahahaha!!!

Crazy Parker 03162016

Burger emergency = who cares about disabled people

Crazy Parker 03312016-2

Nobody wants these four spots, right?

Crazy Parker 04012016

Big red ass + faded yellow lines = caught you anyway

Crazy Parker 04032016

It’s a two-fer!

Crazy Parker 04092016-2

If an old person driving a Lincoln can’t see the lines to park, should that driver be trusted on the highway? Or a road?

Crazy Parker 04092016

I bet it was the dreaded red wine/soy sauce stain that required this dry cleaning emergency parking job


Crazy Parker 04122016

It must be hard for people with a stripe down the middle of the hood to figure out where the stripes are outside the vehicle

But wait! We have so many Crazy Parker pictures that we have a batch for a second post. Yup. If it’s one thing you can count on, it’s that people just can’t seem to park between the lines. Stay tuned!

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