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Crazy Parker Catchup!

Holidays, real work and Easter have somehow gotten in the way of posting our regular dose of Crazy Parkers but never fear – I’ve been taking the pictures! I’ll show you a couple but save the best trio for last.



OK, I promised the trio. North of the Bank of Montreal is a laneway used to access parking for tenants in behind the Main Street buildings. Well, wouldn’t you know that I caught a Crazy Parker actually parking across that laneway the other day. The red car is in an actual parking spot.


But wait – it gets better and I had to take two shots from different angles to show you how crazy some parkers get. This Crazy Parker didn’t even bother to actually park in a not-for-parking-space. No! This Crazy Parker just drove the front end in and left the back end of the car hanging out in the north-bound traffic lane. If there was such a thing as a Crazy Parker of the Month Award, THIS Crazy Parker would get it – hands down.


Postscript: Are you on Periscope yet? I am and I just took 44 viewers through this blog post on Periscope. Crazy!

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