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Crazy Parker Catchup Continues

Here you go, kiddies, part 2!

Crazy Parker 10312015

This driver ain’t no wuss. His truck is filthy, has no tailgate and he was probably nibbling on hay. So the hay sticking out of his mouth probably obscured his vision, right?

Crazy Parker 07012016

We’d bet the bank ’cause we did, indeed, catch you!

Crazy Parker 06302016

When you want the big, manly truck but have no idea where the four corners of the dang thing are

Crazy Parker 06252016-2

What is it about Ford trucks that prevents drivers from having the first clue about how to park them?

Crazy Parker 06222016

Let’s be cavalier about our parking and impress the French girls

Crazy Parker 06112016

Hey BYXY V6, I’ll bet they’ll know you’re a senior without you having to park like this on senior’s 20% off day

Crazy Parker 06032016

Does every Mercedes come with a guarantee of entitlement?

Crazy Parker 05132016

OK, so it’s not only Fords but mostly it’s Fords

Crazy Parker 05112016

Al has a lot of bug damage to his front bumper. That tells me he hasn’t learned how to back up yet.

Crazy Parker 05042016

Maybe in the U.S.A. they use a different colour and this Crazy Parker doesn’t understand what our yellow lines mean. Or what a bus is.

Crazy Parker 05032016

These drivers are trained to always set a good example for our children

Crazy Parker 04232016

Big wheels. Big truck. Something has to be small to compensate. Oh, yeah … I know what that would be …

Crazy Parker 04212016

When one Toyota thinks another Toyota is cute just park close and turn that wheel toward her to see if she bites

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