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Category Archives: Street shooting

Fire in the Core

Exeter has its share of fires – houses, barns, crop fires – but a fire on Main Street is rare. The buildings are old and while some have been restored and cared for, others have not been maintained as well. Yesterday afternoon there was a fire that had the whole town buzzing in a ¬†Main…

Dairy Dip, Grand Bend

Anyone who is the slightest bit familiar with the Main Street in Grand Bend knows the Dairy Dip. Until his retirement, owner John Ross was a favourite teacher in the area and along the way his Dairy Dip has employed a lot of students and helped them pay for post-secondary education. It’s still THE place…

Canada Day 2014

Grand Bend was the place to be for Canada Day celebrations in this neck of the woods so down to the beach we went. A friend, Michael, has been doing a lot of street photography in black and white recently and I’ve been enjoying it immensely so I thought I’d give it a shot. Below…

Canada Day

The beach at Grand Bend is not a bad place to enjoy Canada Day festivities. Music, sunset, water and a bunch of really happy people!

Employee Wanted

There is frequently talk about North Americans being overweight however I expect this will seriously narrow the available pool of applicants.