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Category Archives: family


When there’s a new baby I can’t help but share some pictures. Freya is the newest member of our family and at just past 11 weeks old she has figured out a few things in this world but there’s so much more to learn. She is my daughter Jody’s 12th Dog Guide Foundation puppy so…


My favourite subjects, hands down, are dogs. Having recently relocated my studio, I needed a willing subject to help me test out lights so Yakira volunteered. Ok, maybe more like voluntold. At nearly five months of age, she knows enough to keep an eye on me and is content to sit still for longer periods…

Zona Returns to Doggy U

We’ve had a great Christmas vacation with Zona who is in training to be a Canine Vision Dog Guide with the Lions Foundation Dog Guides but the time has come for class to resume. Little Yakira, who is still in Doggy Elementary, will grow up and go to Doggy U but not for several months….

Happy Canada Day!

Brown Beach Day

The water along the beach is quite brown these days having been churned up by all of the rain we’ve experienced. Nonetheless, it makes the water, beach and chunks of washed up trees all match our brown dog who loved her short stroll. She sat still for a few seconds – long enough to grab…