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Category Archives: Critters

Dragonfly Part Two

Lo and behold my little friend came back for a return visit. If you missed yesterday’s shot, follow this link. I happened to be working outside again and there he or she was. Well, what’s a girl to do but grab a camera and ask for a profile shot!

Dragonfly Whisperer

I moved my office outside to the patio today to write an article for The Oldish about a new app for the deaf community. You can read it by following this link. Pretty interesting stuff that came out of a teenager’s cheekiness and knowledge of technology. Anyway, a dragonfly landed on a plant not far…

Spring? Really? Maybe!

I love hearing these guys singing as spring approaches. They looks so pretty against the white snow, but I’m relieved to hear their optimism all the same.

Don’t Get Far From the Food

Morning Doves are so pretty and the first thing I thought when I saw this one on top of the bird feeders was “awwwww!” Then I remembered how lazy they are – this is a bird that won’t even build its own nest but takes over any other bird’s nest the moment the babies fly…

Woody enjoying the day

Woody Woodpecker is out and about now that the sun is shining. He chased all the other birds away and then dined on suet.