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Category Archives: Caught!

Catching Up

Time to catch up with our Crazy Parkers! Many thanks to those who have sent along their own captured images. If you’d like to contribute, anonymously or otherwise, the one and only rule is that you have to capture a licence plate. Make sure it can be clearly read in the picture. After all, we…

Sometimes The Snow Must Be Parked On

When all the snow is melting but you’ve been used to parking on it throughout this incredibly long winter, I guess some people just have to find whatever mounds are left in the yard and park there. Don’t worry about parking on a slant … it’ll melt away under you.

April Fool’s?

May as well start April out right with this fool of an April parker submitted by one of our erstwhile crazy parker watchers!

Grocery Emergency

Every wonder what to do when you have a grocery emergency? Those times when you need to shop and it’s so darned urgent that you can’t park in the acres of parking lot that are available. Or maybe you just consider yourself better than the average customer and the plebeian parking lot is too full…

Cra Cra

I suspect this crazy parker thought that taking up four spots with a little car was no big deal on a Friday afternoon. Yes … I said FOUR. Two spots – no question. The right front bumper is over the yellow line on the third and, really, who would park in the spot off of…