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A Little Snow Action

This winter has produced a fair amount of snow and our snow plower has created a pile that is now taller than the roof of the garage that it sits beside. One of Zona’s favourite things to do is play frisbee and, when we’re doing that, one of my favourite things is to toss the frisbee as high on the snow pile as I can. Zona runs up the wee mountain and, with the prized frisbee in her mouth, leaps off of the snow pile only to do it all again as often as someone will throw it.

Another of my favourite things is to photograph dogs doing just about anything that dogs do, so yesterday I grabbed my camera and shot a few high speed rounds of Zona leaping about in the snow. I love the ears flying!

Zona 02172015-026

Zona 02172015-033

Zona 02172015-032


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