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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Woody enjoying the day

Woody Woodpecker is out and about now that the sun is shining. He chased all the other birds away and then dined on suet.

It’s so cold that close is close enough, I guess

Caught this crazy parker occupying two spaces as close to the store as they could get in this aisle. I’m sure they were just concerned that, with it being so cold and all, they might open the driver’s door too fast in a rush to get inside and damage the car next to them so…

Caught me a Snowy Owl, I did!

It seems like everyone I know has been seeing Snowy Owls this winter but try though I might, I had yet to see one … until today!

Model Dog

We spent some time in the studio today messing around with lighting setups and since my trusty sidekick is always with me, she is also my ‘go to’ model. Sometimes she gets bored and gazes off into the distance.

Block Guard

Stella’s guard post got a lot higher this week thanks to Mother Nature … all the better to see intruders sooner. And squirrels.