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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Three Four-Legged Charmers

My daughter fosters for the Lions Foundation Dog Guides and, in addition to her current foster pup Tootsie, she has two of her previous foster dogs home for Christmas vacation. All three of them make a striking group, don’t you think?


There’s something about an old, dilapidated house that makes me catch my breath every time I see one. Abandoned but still standing in a testament to a life lived. The ghosts of families that lived here, children running up and down the stairs, a roast in the oven and perhaps a death or two along…

Winter Ice

2 Zig or 2 Zag?

Ah, 2 Zig or 2 Zag, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to go left or go right was the question for today’s Crazy Parker. Deciding which side of the line to be on is enough to put some people into quite the dither. This person obviously chose not to deal with the eternal…