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Monthly Archives: July 2013

All Together Now … Awwwwww

Tootsie is 8 1/2 weeks old and on the sugar sweetness scale she ranks well over 150%. Today after she ate just about all of her lunch she sat down and just looked at me as if she wanted help figuring out whether or not to eat the remaining couple of morsels. After I grabbed…

Today’s Crazy Parker

I was asked if the people I catch parking … um … oddly, shall we say … every get angry with me for posting their photos since I always include the license plate. I’ve never had anyone say boo. To be honest, I figure that if they’re willing to park like that out in public…

Grocery Emergency

Every wonder what to do when you have a grocery emergency? Those times when you need to shop and it’s so darned urgent that you can’t park in the acres of parking lot that are available. Or maybe you just consider yourself better than the average customer and the plebeian parking lot is too full…

Ms Acorn

This little girl is just too cute … but I have to grab her now before little sister Tootsie arrives next week and steals the show!

Canada Day

The beach at Grand Bend is not a bad place to enjoy Canada Day festivities. Music, sunset, water and a bunch of really happy people!