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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cra Cra

I suspect this crazy parker thought that taking up four spots with a little car was no big deal on a Friday afternoon. Yes … I said FOUR. Two spots – no question. The right front bumper is over the yellow line on the third and, really, who would park in the spot off of…

Sweet doves

Doves are such unassuming birds. They coo and eat whatever is left over on the ground. I’ve never seen them be aggressive – in fact, they seem a bit on the lazy side but they are pretty, don’t you think?

Bee Patient

This bee seems to have made a home in the neighbour’s swing set. After sitting here waiting for about seven minutes the bee came out of the hole like a shot out of a canon!

Red and Yellow

I don’t know whether or not it’s a good thing to continue feeding birds in the summer months. Part of me thinks they can find their own food like all the other wild birds and the other part of me selfishly wants to see them every day. For now I’m finishing up my winter supply…

Employee Wanted

There is frequently talk about North Americans being overweight however I expect this will seriously narrow the available pool of applicants.