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Yearly Archives: 2009

One Truck – Two Spaces

Just seems to me that if you have no idea where your four vehicle corners are, maybe you need a smaller vehicle

Emma and Jeffrey

I was recently in Dallas and met two real cuties who graciously let me take their pictures. These puppies travel America with their Mom and Dad full time, so they’re quite sophisticated about hotels, dog parks and strangers. This is lovely lady Emma – she likes to sniff your breath to figure out who you…

Squirrel nap

This little fellow was well aware that I was a mere 4 feet below him but I guess he didn’t care. Cute stuff!

Stop where you land

For some people positional awareness just doesn’t happen

Puppies are the best!

Adonis was just about 8 weeks old when we first met him A couple of weeks later he came for a visit and let me take a few more pictures He fell asleep on just about everyone at one point or another. I think this one is my favourite.