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Karen Brown's Photo Blog

My main photographic interests are headshots, dogs and music. Totally opposite disciplines, right? Headshots are very precise while dogs and music happen as they happen. Click on the Portfolio link above to go have a look at those albums.

This blog? Well, it's a place to put things that catch my eye and highlight some work that warms my heart. Here and there you'll also see the odd picture of people who can't seem to park ... they make me giggle.

Crazy Parkers June 2017

The Crazy Parkers have not gone away even though I haven’t posted about them for a while. Nope. We’ve still been catching them as they park their worst.  


When there’s a new baby I can’t help but share some pictures. Freya is the newest member of our family and at just past 11 weeks old she has figured out a few things in this world but there’s so much more to learn. She is my daughter Jody’s 12th Dog Guide Foundation puppy so…

Crazy Parker December

Last Crazy Parker post of 2016! Many thanks to our contributors … you know who you are. If you catch a Crazy Parker, send it along but remember – we have to be able to read the license plate so that credit is given to all those people who can’t park worth a darn!  …

Dragonfly Part Two

Lo and behold my little friend came back for a return visit. If you missed yesterday’s shot, follow this link. I happened to be working outside again and there he or she was. Well, what’s a girl to do but grab a camera and ask for a profile shot!

    Dragonfly Whisperer

    I moved my office outside to the patio today to write an article for The Oldish about a new app for the deaf community. You can read it by following this link. Pretty interesting stuff that came out of a teenager’s cheekiness and knowledge of technology. Anyway, a dragonfly landed on a plant not far…