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Karen Brown's Photo Blog

My main photographic interests are headshots, dogs and music. Totally opposite disciplines, right? Headshots are very precise while dogs and music happen as they happen. Click on the Portfolio link above to go have a look at those albums.

This blog? Well, it's a place to put things that catch my eye and highlight some work that warms my heart. Here and there you'll also see the odd picture of people who can't seem to park ... they make me giggle.

Morning after the Snowfall

Morrison Dam 11222015-144

    Fire Practice

    Fire Practice 09172015-024

    Tonight the Exeter Fire Department held a special practice involving the Dashwood and Huron Park Fire Departments. District Chief Jeff Musser and his colleagues had set up an accident scene with donated vehicles arranged to provide multiple training opportunities. Volunteers were arranged inside the various vehicles and acted as ‘patients.’ When all was ready, the…

    Morning on the Lake

    Geese 09012015-010web

      Full Moon Gorgeousness

      Innisfil Moon 08302015-005web

        Crazy Parker Catchup Day


        I’ve been collecting pictures of our beloved Crazy Parkers over the past month and so have our readers. Oh my, but our readers have good eyes! As usual we don’t name our spies so that they can stay in stealth mode but you know who you are. We thank you for capturing people who just…